My role: Product Designer
Team: 8 product designers, 2 PMs, 2 engineering leads
Duration: 6 months
2010 was the year mobile ecommerce became real for a lot of organizations. The iPhone was gaining widespread adoption and Android had several devices selling quickly as well. While Target had an existing mobile website, it was optimized for stylus or keyboard input and was almost unusable on touch devices. Target partnered with Ubermind to redesign their current site with the goal of better serving users with touch enabled devices.
We began the project by conducting a large competitive analysis of best in class touch optimized experiences. Mobile web was in it's early days and browser support was limited so we were more influenced by the experiences we found in native apps. Guided by Apple's Human Interface Guidelines we developed an early design system based on our findings and presented it to the client.
Once we had sign off from the client we began the full scale redesign. Working with a team of 8 designers I was responsible for the My Account and Checkout sections of the mobile website. Based on our findings from the competitive analysis I knew large touch targets, simple language, and minimal text input would be critical to a successful experience. We leveraged Apple's build in numeric keyboard to simplify credit card number input and other number based data entry. I worked closely with the client during weekly check-ins to ensure all technical requirements were included and the experience would be cohesive with the simultaneous desktop redesign.

Account creation, credit card detail, and password reset screens

Due to our agency relationship user metrics were not available to us but Target was very happy with the new site. We learned a lot as a team and were able to translate this success into many other projects in the following years. We even won a Webby Award for Target for this and our work on iOS and Android apps.

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